BTY 1962 Chevrolet Green Stripe Automotive Upholstery w/Metallic Threads


Color: Green
Width: 52"
Length: By The Yard
Texture/Pattern: Stripes
Material Type: Fabric

Year: 1962
Make/Model: Chevrolet

Inventory No: 443
Tube No: 46

Available for 1962 Chevrolets, this gorgeous green striped fabric features horizontal lines in 3 different shades of green as well as dashes of metallic threads that sparkle blue, green and turquoise. This material is 52" wide and we are selling it By The Yard (BTY).

This fabric is a part of the lifelong collection of a gentleman who has been upholstering beautiful car and truck interiors for over 50 years.

If you are interested in this fabric, please don't hesitate to request a sample. We send samples out promptly and at no charge.

Inventory #443
Tube #46

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As shown. So cool. I so appreciate the samples. The fabric is so much better in person. They definitely changed my mind and made me order!

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