BTY mid century 1963 Rambler auto upholstery red and black stripes

$29.50 $59.00

We recently purchased thousands of rolls of original retro/vintage auto upholstery dating from the 50s to the 80s. There is a huge variety of different kinds of fabric in the lot. Many of them (though not all) are appropriate for general upholstery.

This piece would work for general upholstery though it doesn't have a lot of give and is fairly stiff.

This fabric was originally made for a 1964 Rambler. It is cool but kind of unusual. It has a woven fabric backing and the front is a plastic/vinyl like fabric.

The roll measures 54 inches wide and is a medium weight.

If you are interested in this fabric, please don't hesitate to request a sample. We send samples out promptly and at no charge.

Inventory #745

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