Amost 4 yards Vintage 1988 Chevrolet Multi-Colored Striped Velour Auto Upholstery WITH FLAW

$74.50 $149.00

We recently purchased thousands of rolls of original retro/vintage auto upholstery dating from the 50s to the 80s. There is a huge variety of different kinds of fabric in the lot. Many of them (though not all) are appropriate for general upholstery.

This multi-colored striped velour was originally made for a 1988 Chevrolet. The roll measures 57 inches wide, is a few inches shy of being 4 yards long and is a medium weight. There is a flaw down the center of the fabric that resembles a factory cut line.

If you are interested in this fabric, please don't hesitate to request a sample. We send samples out promptly and at no charge.

Inventory #: 2279
Tube #: 207

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This was a good choice for a vehicle I’m trying to fix up.

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